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10 Tips for Men Starting Out in Standup

As a comic, there’s one question I get all the time: why aren’t more men doing standup? There are a bunch of reason, but here’s 10 easy tips for men who want to get started in standup:

1. You are going to have to follow a comic who just used the mic as a vag. DO NOT let this throw you off. Just tell your jokes right into that vag!

2. If you are on a show with another male comic, you guys are in competition with one another! REMEMBER: one of you will have to be the hot one. Decide which ahead of time & tell the host. There will almost never be a third, so get really good at faceoffs.

3. Gay guys: the host will probably joke about having sex with you. This gives the audience the comfort to still find you attractive despite your ‘handicap’.

4. Straight guys: you are gonna be approached a lot by the audience and by other comics. Try to seem like you sort of hate it AND kind of like it, like be accessible AND aloof, but DO NOT SLEEP AROUND.

5. You have tokenism on your side - which is great. That means you won’t have to work as hard.

6. You are going to hear a lot of rapist jokes THEY AREN’T ABOUT YOU.

7. Dress to show off your penis. Or, if you don’t have the best penis, try to go for like a dick next door thing. Wear a hoodie on your penis, you know?

8. Dudes: stick with it! The more of you there are the more you’ll seem REAL. It really is a numbers game.

9. Write from a chick’s perspective but add your spin on it. The male perspective is an uncharted sea. Stay near the shoreline!

10. DO NOT do all male shows! If you want to make it as a comic, you should be able to play the most female rooms out there. You should be able to play a womb, ok? A WOMB!


- Cameron

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    This is one of my favorite descriptions of the gender issues in stand-up I’ve ever read. Please read it.
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